Thursday, October 11, 2012

Southern Fried Pugs Take Manhattan! Dinner and a show

After everyone finished their photo shoot, we headed over to No Joe's Cafe on Broad Street for a late lunch/early dinner. Now, we've never been out to eat before so this was very exciting! 

Broad Street
No Joe's Cafe, home of the Beasty Burgers

We were actually pretty well behaved. Honestly, we were tired, too tired to be too dramatic.

Tallulah's eye is still pretty swollen.
Don't worry, Tallulah. I will keep watch since you are half blind because of me.

Marshmallow is ready to eat!

That's mom, Wilma's mom and Marshmallow's moms.
Plus Marshmallo, Wilma, Sluggo, Brigitte and Isabelle in the strollers. We are hiding behind mom.

There was a grand total of seven pugs and four humans at two tables. We caused such a stir!
It was crazy! People would walk by and squeal at us. People took pictures like we were celebrities. We felt like Puglet must feel! It got silly after a while because the humans couldn't even finish a bite without someone talking to us. 

We even met another pug! No picture of her though. She was owned by a real life Guido (if that isn't too offensive). He looked like those people on tv, very muscled, hair very gelled, very thick accent to our Southern ears. Unfortunately, his pug Daisy was NOT on a leash. We were kind of worried that she would get hurt with all the traffic. She wasn't very pug-like and actually came when her owner called! What the pug?

After dinner (with no eatables for us!), we headed back to the hotel. Wilma and her crew were staying at the same place. They came over to hang out after us pugs all got to eat.

After the excitement of the day, we were all pretty beat. Brigitte crashed on the floor.  

Some of us girls made ourselves comfortable on the bed. 
Three pugs in a row. 
That's Petunia, Tallulah and Wilma at the back.

Wilma is just too cute for words. She was tye-tye. 

PS, Happy 10-11-12!


  1. And Happy 10-11-12 to you lovely girls!

    We think there's just something special about pugs that everyone wants to stop and say hi. It happens to us all of the time, wherever we go!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  2. What a trip! Wish we still lived on the east coast for all that pug fun! I would love to walk by and see a table full of pugs having dinner how fun!!

    The Girls

  3. Wow, more pugs and people! That the way is should always be! What a fun trip you'll had, and meeting Miss Amanda and Puglet too! We've never been to the East Coast, thanks for sharing your photos :)

    Black Pearl & Otis

  4. Girls, we just had the best time. That Jersey Shore extra was the icing on the cake! Too funny. Something wrong with Daisy though, listening to her Dad?! Gives us a bad rep. How's Tallulahs eye? I sure hope she is feeling better. You two are a couple of spitfires, that is for sure! I was very impressed with your tenacity! Isabelle is just about the sweetest girl in the world. Brigitte really took a shine to her too. Those old broads like to rest! Happy 10-11-12,

  5. Sure looks like you guys are having a great time in Manhattan. Hope those humans keep sharing all those goodies with you have fun
    Benny and Lily

  6. Your pictures were super great you could sure see the swollen eye! Hope she is better..what a great adventure!!!
    stella rose

  7. Wow you guys had fun after we left, too bad our dad was so cold, oh well it must have been crazy with all those pugs at a cafe. It was so fun meeting you

    urban hounds

  8. What an awesome trip ... wish we were there, too!

    Can't wait for the book - it is going to be awesome!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  9. My pugness look at the great time you had! I am super jealous!!!!!! I luv seeing all the pictures of all the various pugs we blog with.


  10. Too much fun! Payton's favorite activity was going out to eat with us. Glad you girls enjoyed it too.