Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye, summer

The last day of the holiday weekend. Sigh. The unofficial end of summer. Mom's already started school, but Labor Day makes it official. Those steamy days when mom would rush home from work and we'd all hop in the pool are over.

We had a great summer. Lots of grilling, lots of swimming, lots of trips to the dog park. It was ugly hot for a while, but that's what air conditioning is for. Some rough storms, but nothing we couldn't handle. No real hurricanes yet. Thanks to a brutal winter, the bugs weren't even that bad.

Probably most important of all, we haven't had a hot spot in months! Boy, our treatments really work for us. See, we have severe allergies. Our vet diagnosed us with a hormone imbalance that caused our immune system to go a little nuts when it comes to allergies. So we've been on this treatment since April and no hot spots. And mom's stopped buying Benadryl by the gallon. It's been great.

We hope you enjoyed your last summer weekend and are prepared for a great fall.


  1. Go Qunicy go! He is so cute swimming in the pool!

  2. Welcome to bloggyVille! Yous are cutes and Sequoia (our brothers Gurl) and Tuni sents us's heres!!
    'dey said dey really good furiends of yous!!!

    We's look forwards to reading more and excited to have new friends!!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  3. Hi Petunia and Tallulah! Welcome to the bloggysphere! I was directed here by your friends Tuni and Sequoia. They said you were a lot of fun! Can't wait to read about more of your adventures!

  4. Hiya! We came over from Tuni's blog! Hope we can be good friends!


  5. Hi there! Tuni and Sequoia told us about your blog so had to stop by! We love all things Southern and what is better than Southern Pugs?? Looking forward to reading your blog!

    Vito (and his Mom, Gina)

  6. Hi! We came on over to check you two out after reading Tuni & Sequoia's blog! Welcome to the blog-osphere!!

    Gen & Lefty

  7. Hi my name is Tweedles.
    I am a friend of Tuni and Sequoia.
    I came to say hi, and maybe we can play sometime.
    You are all so adorable.

  8. Hi Girls, I's stopped by to tells you welcomes to the world of blog. I thinks we follow each other on twitter where I am knowns as smilingpug. Anywho, my girl Tuni told me alls abouts yous and that I should stops on by and say hi. When Tuni talks highly of somepug I just knows she is right that is why I knew I had to stops in.