Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where do you get your stuff?

We are spoiled pugs. We are bored of bully sticks. Blah, blah, blah, starving pugs in Africa without bully sticks. Whatever. We want more.

So Mom got us elk antlers for $6.50 each. Elk antlers, smelk antlers. They barely got licked. They will collect dust and pug hair under the couch.

We want something meatier, like bison ankles or something. Or a whole bison. We could take him down.

Anyway, where do you get your treats like bison ankles or toobles or other bits? Our local pet stores carry cow hooves, but no bison ankles. Mom needs something to keep us occupied while she tries to study. It's only the second week of school and she already wants to wring our precious little necks. So help a pug out and let us know where you get your stash.

Are you voting for Pugtona? Don't forget. We only have a few days left.


  1. I am voting! I have been for the past few days! I like the design of the car! I didn't know we could eat antlers!


  2. bison ankles??? oh my! we don't let the dogs have anything like this because we have one spoil sport in the bunch. honey will hide her bone or treat and then guard it. she bites and growls and snaps if you get close. however, i have seen these kind of animal parts at farm supply stores. we live fairly close to a rural area and we get our flea meds at the farm supply store, del's. they are much cheaper than at the vets!
    happy munching!

  3. Antlers?! Wow, that's awesome! But a shame they will collect pug hair. Everything collects pug hair ;) hehe

    Um Lincoln and I chew on N-Bones. The big ones. The peanut butter ones. But they are not meaty. They are just peanut butter bones. Let us know if you find something awesome!


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  4. Good afternoon ladies,

    We voted for your car, which is so awesome!!! Love the sounds effect, too. Hope you win.

    Mack and I eat anything, you name it, we eat it. But we are always open to new suggestions, too.

    Your almost neighbor
    Minnie and Mack