Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey y'all

Does the world really need another pug blog? Probably not, but here we are anyway. 

A little introduction is in order. We are Tallulah Sweet Pea and Petunia Tulip Julep. Mostly known as Tallulah and Petunia. We are possibly the most spoiled pugs on the planet. Can you blame us though? Aren't we adorable?
Petunia (left) and Tallulah (right)

We live in Virginia. Ever since Sequoia and Petunia (and their blog) moved to Washington, we felt the need for another one to represent the East Coast. 

We aren't alone in our 100+ year old house. We share (grudgingly) our home with Quincy and Isabelle, a bonded pair of pugs in foster care with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. They have been with us since March 2009. That's a long time for a foster pug, which probably means they'll be here for the rest of their lives. Oh well, we're used to them and they are living the good life. 
Quincy (in blue) and Isabelle (in pink)

Our mom works full time and is in school, so we can't promise lots of blog posts, but we promise to try to post at least once a week.

We follow 20 million bajillion other pug blogs, all of which we want to include here. However, that is a lengthy process of adding each link individually. So if you are a senior blogger and don't see your blog listed yet, please be patient with us noobs. We are adding them slowly but surely. 


  1. WELCOME!!!!!! We are so happy to have you as a part of the blogger family!!!! We understand having a busy life. We have been very lax in keeping up the blog lately. I am going to have to start cracking the whip on the momma to get her back on track! We hope you enjoy being a part of the blogger family as much as we do!!!



  2. Look at those smiles in the top picture! And good for you for fostering those sweeties Quincy and Isabelle. We are buying a house right now with a yard and hope to start fostering once we get settled there! We'd (okay, I, not so sure how Vito will feel about it!) love to add another puggie permanently too but we'll have to see how the finances hold up after the house purchase! :)

    Welcome again!
    Gina (and Vito too!)