Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mean people suck

Sometime people just suck.

It’s bad enough that dogs get dumped. Too old, too energetic, shed too much, whatever the excuse is. But when a dog gets literally dumped out of a MOVING CAR, that’s just obscene.

That’s what happened to Dax, a pug mix with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. He was thrown out of a moving car, then hit by another car because he was running after his owners. It’s enough to make you cry, scream and want to bite people on the butt.

But instead, MAPR is holding a raffle to raise money for the surgeries Dax will need to walk again.

We understand that things are really hard for people everywhere, but if you have an extra $10 you can donate, please consider donating to Dax. If you can’t, just send good wishes and healing pug hugs to him. That’s really important, too.


Thanks in advance.


  1. This made mommy cry. And to think that the poor little guy ran after those worthless owners. Because he still loved them even after being betrayed. People like that deserve the death penalaty. Poor little dog.


  2. Awww this is like Franklin the pug on facebook. His owner dropped him off on the side of the road and when he didn't understand and tried to run after his owner, he got hit, twice. He can't walk but he has a cart and is doing lots better. I will send well wishes Dax's way.

    Mean people defo suck! But sometimes good stories happen. I never would have gotten my brother Lincoln if he hadn't of been dropped off on the side of the road...He's the best brother ever.


    Minnie Moo

  3. What a heartbreaking story. It literally made me sick to my stomach.

    I am so disgusted that anyone would do that. But good riddance of those people, Dax! Your future is full of the love and security that you SO deserve, thanks to the wonderful people at MAPR.

    Thanks for sharing this with us! We'll be praying for this little sweetie...

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  5. Thanks goes to you and MAPR for helping Dax. This is really horriable for this little puggy.