Friday, July 11, 2014

Independence Day weekend

We had a guest for the holiday weekend, Elliott! He's been here lots. 
We had hoped that Blaze might feel more comfortable with a boy pug to play with. 
Yeah, no. 

It started off okay. 

Then he started hiding behind the table to keep away from Elliott. 
 Elliott is high energy, even for a 6 year old. Fortunately, Blaze has been standing up for himself, especially when it comes to unwanted attention (if you know what we mean). No fighting or anything, just letting Elliott know he needs to knock it off. 

Unfortunately, Elliott is not a fan of fireworks. He doesn't react like Tallulah did, but his anxiety spread to everyone else. Blaze was a little unhappy with the noises, but he would have been fine if just he reacted. 

So mom broke out the Frosty Paws. She crumbled up Calmplex tablets in everyone's ice cream since the boys refused to take it. And wouldn't you know it, Elliott refused his ice cream even! 

Mom had to resort to Benadryl and essential oils to keep the peace. 
 Isabelle just enjoyed her ice cream.
Sometimes being deaf is a good thing!


  1. That first photo is darling. Too bad the noise had most every pug nervous. Sweet Blaze. I bet he'll get more confidence soon.

  2. Blaze is really a cutie! You guys need to come to jersey city we are so used to urban noise fire works dont phase us at all

    retro rover

  3. Fireworks are just not fun at all for us either, Bailey barks and barks. we would like to know more about how and what essential oils you used, we have considered that for some of our stressful times
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  4. Refusing Frosty Paws? Wow, he were determined not to take da medicines.