Sunday, July 27, 2014

The impatient patient

Isabelle has done very well in her recovery. Knock all the wood in the house. 
She's had a few incidents of panting, but mom figured out it wasn't pain. Mom came home like clockwork to give Isabelle her pain meds at 2 pm. Then by 4:30, Isabelle would be panting when mom came home from work. It couldn't have been pain because of the recent medication. And mom put the AC way down so it wasn't heat. Isabelle was just mad that mom wasn't home. Fortunately, her tongue was always pink so she was getting plenty of oxygen. 
Still no word on the pathology report. We hope to hear something Monday. 
She only looks sad. Mom woke her up to take the picture. 

She's pretty much back to her normal self. Very sassy. Demanding her meals immediately. Attempting to stand up on her back legs (that didn't work out well, but it rarely does). Her incision is doing well, but her underside is a dirt magnet with the Neosporin. No getting the incision wet until after the stitches are out. Isabelle is ok with that because it means no swimming!

We have been really good with Isabelle. Mom was worried that with our shark-like instincts to sniff out weakness, we would be mean to Isabelle. Happily, all we did was sniff her a little. And we even listened to mom and backed off when told to. We were pretty chill about it all.

In other really good news, Blaze went to his forever home on Friday. He had a wonderful home visit with his new family last week, and they decided they couldn't live without him. He has a great backyard, a kid of his own to play with and no other pugs to share the attention.
He was ready to go. We weren't terribly mean to him, but Petunia made sure that he didn't get too much attention. Poor pug needed it, too. Good thing his family has three humans with six hands to pet him!


  1. You know, if my mom woke me up to take a photo of me I wouldn't look nearly as happy. Glad to hear Isabelle is doing well. Glad Blaze has a wonderful forever home and I'm also glad you're not picking on Isabelle. I have a feeling momzilla would come out if you did.


  2. Good for Isabelle, that she is doing well. And wonderful for Blaze to find his forever home. A good friend of mine just adopted a 10 yr old pug from the PugPals Rescue in Boise, ID. Bless her heart
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  3. Glad Blaze found his home! And glad Isabelle is doing ok.

  4. We are so happy Blaze found his forever home. We are also happy that Sweet Isabelle is doing so well. Mom found your comment about shark like behavior sniffing out weakness interesting because she said that is what Maggie does to me quite often. She thinks Maggie knows I cannot see much anymore and that puts me at a disadvantage, and so Maggie is mean to me. Mom always thought she would be nicer to me because of that ....but that is not what happened.
    stella rose

  5. Good job getting moms attention Isabelle
    Lily & Edward

  6. so good to hear issabelle is doing well and blaze is in a good home
    retro rover

  7. So glad Isabelle is recovering nicely and congrats to Blaze!

  8. Happy for both Isabelle and Blaze!!