Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surgery on Thursday

Both vets think that Isabelle is strong enough for the surgery. Her regular vet called her a tough old bird. The tricky part will be the post op pain management. When Isabelle gets too worked up or pants really hard, that's when her trachea collapses. She will need some extra sedation and pain medication to keep her calm immediately after surgery. But too much sedation can depress the respiratory system so it can't be too much sedation. 

Fortunately both vets think they will be able to manage this after surgery. She'll likely stay longer at the vet after surgery than normal which is just fine. It likely won't be overnight since they don't have anyone at the clinic after hours. 
Isabelle was trying to push mom off the chair. She wanted it all to herself.

Mom is going to take Friday off to stay with Isabelle and be there with the oxygen if she needs it. Oxygen makes her feel very nice and calms her right down. 
This is the fourth version of a bandage. The first version would have been fine except that it got in the way of her going to the bathroom. Now that she's on steroids, she's drinking and peeing a lot more. Hopefully this weird version of suspenders will keep it in place. 

If you are the praying kind, please pray that the tumor shrinks. The smaller it is, the less surrounding tissue has to be removed too. Please pray for good margins, that the surgeon's hands are steady and skilled. Please pray that she recovers easily and that the pain is manageable. 

Mom is so not a pug. She's hungry for the first time since Saturday! She said the worry was quite an appetite suppressant.


  1. Sendin' lotsa prayers and good thoughts fur a successful operation!

  2. Oh my! I have not been online much at all and just came on tonight , this was the first thing I saw. I'm sending all my love and lots of healing energy for the baby and positive vibes for mom because I'm sure she is stressed out! Paws are all crossed here, and hooves and wings too!

  3. You have been in our prayers and will continue to be
    love and hugs
    Mr Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom

  4. We just stopped by and was catching up! We sure will be praying for your girl (and you!).

  5. We have been a finkin about sweet isabelle and her momma a lot since yesterday and praying for both of you. We will be right beside you in our hearts tomorrow, praying hard. Hugs from all of us in Iowa.
    Stella Rose, Margaret mae and Angus McConnell

  6. SFPs will be in our prayers for as long as needed Ellyzabethe!

    Love, Gammy and Gampy

  7. That first pic of Isabelle put a big smile on my face. I'm with the vets on this and think that this "tough ole bird" will be just fine. :-)
    But will be saying those prayers too!

  8. We are sending so many good vibes and hugs your way
    Lily & Edward

  9. We are sending our best wishes and prayers we know the tough old broad will pull through
    Retro rover

  10. We will be praying for Isabelle and hoping everything goes well for her. We're also praying for your mama to stay strong ...

    Love Ellen & The Fab Five
    Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney