Thursday, July 31, 2014

Not the best news

Isabelle had her stitches out today. It was pretty tough on her, but we think they gave her oxygen to make her comfy. It looks red and angry, but that should go away soon. 

And we got the pathology report. Not good news. The tumor was grade 3 (the worst), and the nearest lymph node also had cancer cells. 

Chemotherapy may be an option, but mom isn't sure about it for Isabelle. Isabelle's regular vet didn't think she would be a good candidate when we talked before the surgery. She's been at a veterinary conference for a few weeks. She'll be back to work on Tuesday. Mom left a message that she please review the report and call mom to discuss the options. 

We know that you all know that mom would do just about anything for us. Just like you. The thing is, it has to be for our best interest. There's no guarantee that chemo will prevent further spreading or prevent more tumors. There's no guarantee that Isabelle will do well on chemo or that she will feel good. 

Once mom talks to the vet, she'll make a decision on the chemo. 

In the meantime, Isabelle will start on a special diet for mast cancer. Supplements are also on the way to help in a more natural way. 

We aren't sure what the future holds for us right now. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. 


  1. Oh no! I am so so so sorry to hear ths I was so hopeful it would be low grade. I completely understand your feeling about the chemo and her age. I hope your regular vet can guide you but you have already done so much for Isabelle

    retro rover

  2. Oh everytime our momma see's a picture of your Isabelle she just wants to hug her tight. You are her momma, and you will know in your heart what is the best. I think Isabelle will let you know also. We are behind you standing strong with whatever decision you make. Hugs and lots of prayers.
    Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus McConnell and momma

  3. I just found your site, thanks to seeing your posts on Pugs and Kisses. You puggies are ADORBS! I will keep Isabelle in my prayers and tell my Puggy to keep her paws crossed and send Pug Prayers!

    Holly S

  4. I want everyone of you to know that we are sitting with you- right now- shoulder to shoulder,, as you go through this difficult time.
    We are sending you love- and wanted you to know we care too

  5. oh izzle bizzle. my heart hurts for you. your mom is a fantastic pug mom and i am so sorry you are all going through this. many kisses to you from me and Mimi

  6. Oh we are so so sorry to read this. Whatever the decision we know you will do what is best for Isabelle. please know we are keeping you all in our prayers
    Sending lots of hugs and love
    Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom

  7. Not the news we were praying for, but we will keep praying for you and Isabelle. If there's anything we can do, don't hesitate to email. Please update us when you can.
    Sending lots of love,

  8. Hey ladies! We are so sorry to hear it was cancer. We just checked in and saw all the posts we have missed. We send good healing hugs to Isabelle and hope she recovers well from the surgery. Emma has a mass on her rear leg and Mom is going to take her in to see what it is...the vet thought we could wait last visit but after seeing Isabelle make it through all this it inspired us to get moving. Hope the other girls are well.

    Jenn Emma and Sequoia

  9. We are praying for the SFP family and especially you and Isabelle! Just let Christy know if there is anything the Inman's and Boostrom's can do!!

    Love, Gampy

  10. Prayers and Hugs ...
    Please keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can do!

    Love, Ellen & The Fab Five
    Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney